QR Codes

qrcodeYou have probably seen QR codes everywhere, from magazine pages to billboards. The QR in QR code stands for Quick Response. Any phone or other mobile device with a camera has the capability to act as a barcode scanner, reading the information in the code.  Once a user scans the code with a smartphone, iPad or computer, they are directed to a website with more information.  Try scanning this code, where does it take you?

These QR Codes can be easily created and printed or posted to a website. There are many free QR Code generator programs available which ask you to input a website, click create and the code is generated for you!

QR Code generator programs:
QR Droid

Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom:

  • Add QR codes that lead to book trailers or book reviews to the backs of classroom books.
  • Add QR codes to math worksheets with websites or videos that help explain the concept.
  • Add QR codes to reading material that lead to an audio recording of the material.
  • The following examples were found on the website: http://blog.simpleK12.com
    • Create a page on your wiki or blog, or craft an email or a handout to give to parents that includes links to student work.  Along with the links, put a QR code for each of the virtual projects.  This way, viewers have the option to view immediately via their smartphone, and if they are viewing a print version, they don’t have to enter the URL into a computer.
    • Put QR codes on all of the elements on your periodic table poster, link them to a wiki page or better yet, a fun video showcasing that element.   Challenge your students to come up with a better idea, and have them bring in their own QR code.
    • Inspirational quote up in your classroom? Include a code that brings up a photograph of the author.
    • Have a classical poem up instead of a quote?  Use a code that takes you to a podcast of the poem.
    • Music teachers can create codes that link to podcasts of classical music.  When you’re playing a particular piece in class, attach the related code on the music itself, so students can listen to the recording at home.

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