Google Earth in the Classroom

Did you know that your students could visit the sky, moon and mars, view historical imagery and 3D buildings, draw and measure and create a tour all with Google Earth?

Google Earth requires a free download.

The following are some ideas for using this tool across the curriculum:

English: Students can create Lit Trips to map out the storylines of books or the biographies of authors. Visit this website for some examples.

Math: Real World Math offers a nice collection of math lessons using Google Earth. Some ideas include measuring distances, angles and elevations of real world locations.

Science: Google Earth has many built-in layers applicable to teaching science. The sky, moon or mars modes offer students the ability to visit these places and explore! It also includes access to earthquake data, climate data and animal tracking information.

History: Use the timeline view to compare views of cities from past to present. Students can create tours of military campaigns or explorations or go on virtual field trips around the world.

Art: Use Google Earth to explore inside actual art museums around the world!   This is currently available for 17 galleries, including places such as the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and the National Gallery in London.


Additional Resources to Explore:
Google Earth for Educators
Google Earth Blog




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