Digital Tools

Consider using any of the following tools to help in your team planning Innovation Week.
For brainstorming, planning, creating documentation and archiving:

1. Try Google Docs
Create collaborative documents, spreadsheets, presentations and brainstorm maps. Use a shared Google calendar for planning. These files are all stored in the “cloud” which makes them accessible and editable by all invited users.  Take it even further and use Google+ (Google’s social networking tool) and Google Hangout to create a space to have an online, video meeting.
2.Use a Social Media Network
Edmodo is a social learning platform which is simple to use and setup.  You can use Edmodo to share, collaborate and communicate. It resembles Facebook in that each user maintains a profile page and posts content to share with other.
3. Create a Wiki.
A wiki is simply a website with multiple authors.  Use a wiki to compile a list of resources and brainstorm ideas. The following are examples of free wiki services to use. These will require a free account for all users.
4.Use Moodle
Create a  Moodle course for your team to post resources, host discussions and share content.

For saving and sharing interesting articles,resources and digital content:

1.Use a Social Bookmarking/Information Management Tool
Diigo is an example of a social bookmarking tool which lets you bookmark, annotate and share content you find online. Use a tool like this as you conduct research online and want to share information with your group. Another must have in my opinion is Evernote. This program, available for smartphones, computers and iPads, lets you take notes, screenshots, clip websites and share with other users.
2. Use a Curation Tool
Try one of these tools as you conduct online research to create a visually appealing presentation of content to share with your group.

For Inspiration:

1. Use Twitter! (Find more info on Twitter here)
2. Subscribe to a Diigo group to receive updates as other teachers save relevant bookmarks. Here’s an example of groups which would be of interest to math teachers.
3. Check out these great education websites:


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